27 !


Birthdays are so great because they’re about generosity.

The act of giving, helping, is so generative.

It’s what we can all do for ourselves and each other.

Sometimes we don’t let the gifts in.

Approaching 27 has felt impossibly light and heavy at the same time for me

But accepting is really hard, too! Gosh! Let it in.


This past year has been a journey of self-discovery and growth for me. I learned the value of sacrifice and experienced both the challenges and rewards it brings. Understanding the depths of love, both giving and receiving, has been a profound revelation.

Navigating through unfamiliar situations taught me the art of survival and adaptability. I gained a deeper appreciation for the unwavering love of my mom and discovered a new study system, adapting to fresh perspectives and goals, including financial aspirations.

Taking on responsibilities for family, loved ones, and friends has given me a sense of purpose and fulfillment. The year unfolded with the excitement of exploring new career paths, embodying the courage to embrace change and venture into the unknown. As I celebrate my birthday, I reflect on a year marked by personal evolution, relationships, and the pursuit of new dreams. Cheers !!